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We offer responsible cleaning services that make a difference. We offer high quality cleaning services and at the same time, offer our employees a unique opportunity to both develop their professional skills and give them a chance to pursue an education of their dreams.

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– We are very satisfied with the quality and flexibility of the service. I can recommend Carestep as a partner also to others, says our customer from Krogerus.

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– Morning after morning, everything is in its place and the office is clean. In a way, you don't even notice that anyone has been here. Except that everything is clean, describes our customer Haahtela. Read more about their experiences with Carestep cleaning services and check out the video!

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Helvar Oy Ab is one of the world's leading suppliers of intelligent lighting solutions and LED lighting components.

– We highly recommend Carestep because of their professionalism, openness, honesty and great work ethic!

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Baltic Sea Action Group

Carestep provides basic cleaning services for BSAG. Elena Belle, BSAG's service manager, tells us that Carestep's cleaners have a good customer service spirit.

– Interaction with the cleaning staff has been good. They are really friendly, she says.

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– The first impression of the staff was already cheerful and friendly. The price-quality ratio is at an appropriate level and the core idea of the business is also important. As a client company we are able to support the training and development of Carestep's employees, says Greenstep's Head of HR & Culture, Taru Laukkanen.

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