Cleaning services with quality and care

Carestep is the cleaning partner for companies and organisations that value quality cleaning in the capital region of Finland.

Our mission is to provide a quality cleaning service and to give our employees the opportunity to develop professionally, up to the level of their desired qualification. We are a non-profit cleaning company with sustainability as a pillar of our operations. As our partner, you can support social responsibility.

Cleaning services for organisations

We offer cleaning services in the capital region of Finland, including the following:

  • Office cleaning and cleaning of premises
  • Mainteinance cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Fixed-term cleaning
  • Waxing and polishing of floors
  • Tailor-made cleaning services

Would you like to hear more about our services? Leave usa message using the contact form and let's make an appointment!

Once we have identified the space to be cleaned and your cleaning requirements, we can provide you with a quotation for cleaning services. And then let's get to work!

This is how we provide a quality cleaning service

It is of the utmost importance to us that we provide a quality cleaning service in our customers' offices or other premises. This includes, of course, high-quality cleaning and agreed additional services, but also a responsive approach - if there is a specific need, our cleaners will do their best to solve it.

Competent and motivated cleaners are the heart of our business. That's why we invest in cleaning training from the very beginning of the employment relationship. We start with an intensive course, followed by on-the-job training. All our cleaners always have the support of another professional behind them. At the same time, we develop our working methods to ensure that the cleaning is always as efficient and of the highest quality as possible.

We care about our employees and want them to grow towards their dreams. The idea behind our non-profit business is that we use our profits to provide our cleaners with the training and guidance they need to achieve their personal goals and progress in their careers. Read more about our story here.

Each Caresteper is given a personal training plan, tailored to their individual goals, for example to complete language courses to integrate more effectively into society, or to complete a degree. Cleaning jobs offer the opportunity and support to follow a chosen educational path, meaningful work, a stable employment relationship, a supportive work community and a fair wage. The idea is that a steady job and a supported, motivating learning pathway act as a stepping stone that takes the individual forward and contributes to society.

Quality cleaning services create comfortable working environments where organisations can develop and employees can thrive.

We genuinely care. 💜