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Positive and effective interaction makes for effective cooperation

The Baltic Sea is in critical condition and is considered one of the most polluted seas in the world. The most serious problems threatening the Baltic Sea are eutrophication, hazardous substances, risks from maritime transport, climate change and biodiversity loss. The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG), officially known as the Living Baltic Sea Foundation, is working for a brighter future for the Baltic Sea.

BSAG brings together scientists and policy makers, mobilises businesses to find and implement solutions for the Baltic Sea and brings together the stakeholders whose input is needed to save the Baltic Sea.

Caresteps' cleaners take care of the cleaning of the foundation's office in Espoo. We asked Elena Belle, BSAG's Service Manager, about their experience with Carestep. What is your first impression and overall experience of Carestep?

- Cleaning services are part of our rental contract and, having changed service providers along the way, it is difficult to say what the first impression is. However, I try to get to know the cleaning staff who visit us and my experience with Carestep staff has been very positive, says Belle.

Carestep provides basic cleaning services for the office of BSAG. In practice, the cleaners take care of the overall cleanliness of the office, from emptying bins to wiping and vacuuming, from washing floors to organising the meeting room and kitchen.

Carestep's staff's competence and conscientiousness, as well as the value for money of their services, are praised by Bella. He also mentions the customer service spirit of Carestep's cleaners.

- Interaction with the cleaning staff has been good. They are really friendly, says Belle.

And what are the factors that could make other organisations choose Caresteps cleaning services too? As office work increases and collaboration continues, more experience of the service is gained, making it easier to assess the overall picture. Based on the experience gained so far, Belle highlights that Carestep should be chosen to take care of office cleaning, especially because of their knowledgeable and friendly staff, who always try to help and solve as best they can if the client has any questions.

Thank you BSAG for the interview!

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