Customer story: Greenstep

How does Greenstep use our cleaning services?

When the desire to develop and do good are at the heart of an organisation's activities, it is natural to work with partners who share the same values.

Greenstep is a consulting company with more than 550 experts, offering services in within finance, HR, sustainability and education in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Norway. The company's head office in Espoo has enjoyed Carestep's cheerful and efficient service for more than a year now. Carestep provides maintenance cleaning services for its office premises with over 200 employees.

– It is great that the service can be tailored to our needs, says Greenstep's Head of HR & Culture, Taru Laukkanen.

According to Laukkanen, the response to their requests and needs has been swift. In practice, this has meant for example carrying out office manager tasks in addition to basic cleaning services.

The overall impression of the cleaning has been good. Laukkanen also highlights the importance of communication. Open and smooth communication is the key to a well-functioning customer-client-relationship. It is quite typical that in the early stages of cooperation some issues arise on which the client must provide feedback so that their needs can be met in the best possible way. This way good practices are created and established.

– It is great that Carestep reacted immediately to some of our requests in the beginning of our cooperation and there has been no need to return to the matters, Laukkanen sums up.

In Greenstep's experience, the price-quality ratio of Carestep is great. When assessing this, the core idea of Caresteps operation plays an important role according to Laukkanen.

– As a client company, we are able to support the training and development of Carestep's employees, she says.

Carestep is a subsidiary of Greenstep and part of its sustainability work. Partnership in cleaning services is therefore natural and value-based. According to Laukkanen, other organisations should also choose Carestep's cleaning services because of its mission and way of operating. All of the profits from the business go towards training and mentoring employees. She hopes that many other organisations will also find partnering with Carestep a natural and enjoyable way to spread good deeds. In addition to the specific approach, Laukkanen highlights the friendly and good service. It's a pleasure to meet Caresteps staff at the office and they do a good job.

– My first impression of the staff was already cheerful and friendly, Laukkanen sums up.

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