Customer story: Visma

Visma is a large Nordic software company that has expanded widely in recent years. One of the company's offices is located right in the heart of Helsinki, in the Rautatalo building designed by Alvar Aalto. Carestep is responsible for the maintenance cleaning of the office spaces on several floors.

We had the opportunity to talk to Mikko Suhonen, the property service manager of Rautatalo, about how the cooperation with Carestep has been going.

Responsible company, responsible cleaning partner

The collaboration with Carestep began few years ago. Carestep was chosen to participate in the negotiations, especially because of its responsibility. Mikko explains that fair pay for employees and investment in working conditions were among the most important factors in the selection. Carestep's core idea of using the entire profit for employee training was also an important part of the decision.

"From our point of view, it was also noteworthy that the staff is taken care of. They are offered training - such as language lessons. It has been nice to see how even people who are not native Finnish speakers have quickly become proficient in the Finnish language. This, of course, also promotes communication between our employees and the cleaning staff," Mikko says

Quality cleaning services taking into account special needs

Visma's premises in Rautatalo have been renovated in recent years. The office has been decorated to be more comfortable and to meet the employees' wishes. The beautifully renovated office has some cleaning needs - for example, some of the selected surface materials and, of course, the office electronics require careful and appropriate handling. Visma has been satisfied that the special needs have been taken into account in the cleaning.

"Carestep's work quality has been really good from the beginning. Of course, there have been some small things that we wanted to change, and we have gone through them together. The office customers, i.e., Visma's employees, have also been very satisfied," Mikko says.

Easy communication and quick responses

The staff is praised for their friendliness and easy-to-talk-to attitude. Mikko has been particularly pleased with the efficiency of communication - if there have been things that needed to be changed, the response time has been quick.

"I can recommend Carestep as a partner! The reason is Carestep's sustainability and social responsibility, as well as quality and ease of communication. These are quite important things for property management and internal customer service, and Carestep has been strong in these areas," Mikko describes.

We thank Mikko and Visma for the interview and cooperation! 💜

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